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Case Studies

Case Studies: Waterproof Decks Of Oregon

At Waterproof Decks Of Oregon, we take immense pride in our commitment to delivering top-notch Duradek waterproof decks and patios installations. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with numerous homeowners to transform their outdoor spaces into beautiful, durable, and waterproof areas. Here are some case studies showcasing our successful projects:

Case Study 1: Elevated Deck Waterproofing

Client: Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

Challenge: Mr. and Mrs. Johnson had a lovely elevated deck overlooking their backyard, but they faced a significant problem during the rainy season. Water would seep through the deck surface, causing damage to the area below and making it unusable during wet weather.

Solution: Our team at Waterproof Decks Of Oregon recommended Duradek waterproof decking as the ideal solution for their elevated deck. After a thorough assessment of the deck’s layout, we installed a high-quality Duradek membrane, providing a reliable waterproof barrier.

Result: The installation of Duradek not only resolved the water leakage issues but also created a dry and protected area below the deck. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were delighted with the attractive deck surface and the peace of mind knowing their outdoor space was now protected from the elements.

Case Study 2: Rooftop Patio Transformation

Client: Ms. Amanda Roberts

Challenge: Ms. Roberts owned a rooftop patio in the heart of the city, which had incredible potential for entertaining guests and enjoying the skyline views. However, traditional decking materials were not suitable for the rooftop, as water leakage could cause damage to her living space below.

Solution: Waterproof Decks Of Oregon proposed a Duradek waterproofing solution that offered durability and reliability for her rooftop patio. Our team expertly installed Duradek, ensuring proper waterproofing and a visually appealing deck surface.

Result: With her newly installed Duradek rooftop patio, Ms. Roberts gained a functional and stylish outdoor space. She could now host gatherings and relax on her rooftop without worrying about water damage. The deck’s low-maintenance qualities also allowed her to spend more time enjoying the view and less time on upkeep.

Case Study 3: Balcony Makeover

Client: Mr. Michael Sanders

Challenge: Mr. Sanders had a small balcony off his bedroom, but he rarely used it due to its worn-out appearance and lack of protection from the elements.

Solution: Our team at Waterproof Decks Of Oregon recommended Duradek to revamp his balcony. We presented various design options to suit his preferences and home aesthetics.

Result: The installation of Duradek transformed Mr. Sanders’ balcony into a cozy and inviting retreat. He now enjoys his morning coffee and evening relaxation on his weather-resistant balcony. The low-maintenance aspect of Duradek also allowed him to spend more time enjoying his outdoor space without worrying about constant upkeep.

Get Started with Your Own Success Story!

At Waterproof Decks Of Oregon, we believe in delivering excellence and creating success stories for our clients. These case studies are just a glimpse of how we have helped homeowners like you overcome their outdoor challenges and enhance their living spaces.

Are you ready to create your own success story with a Duradek waterproof deck or patio installation? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experienced team. Let us bring your outdoor dreams to life with the unmatched durability and beauty of Duradek™.